Empowering Ukrainian women to act as entrepreneurs for economic and social regeneration

Our Inspiration

NatAlli is creating a mentoring program to help well-educated Ukrainian women become successful entrepreneurs or innovators within existing companies. This programme is designed to help rebuild their economy and society. We want to develop an online community where women can help and learn from each other. This will encourage sharing of knowledge and experiences between women at various points in their careers.

NatAlli refers to the name Natalia, derived from the Latin word natalis, meaning ‘birthday’, ‘start’, ‘born’ or ‘sunrise’. NatAlli seeks to foster societies’ renascence through lifelong learning mentoring programmes and alliances. Learn about Nataliia Velychko who inspired the NatAlli project.


Identify and

To help identify and understand the challenges and opportunities facing highly educated Ukrainian women.


Pinpoint topics that need to be taught as part of mentoring to guide and support women in their entrepreneurship, focusing on issues that each mentor needs to develop or improve.


Promote the skills of mentors to replicate this effect and impact on women entrepreneurs.


Stimulate collaboration, interdisciplinarity and innovation by bringing together stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, including highly educated Ukrainian women, HEIs, and hubs.


Harness the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of women by guiding them through mentoring, including them in relevant networks, and providing tools to become agents of regeneration of their economy and society.

Realising Our Goal

Strategic Foresight

The Strategic Foresight establishes the baseline of the mentoring programme for highly educated Ukrainian women, highlights potential challenges and opportunities likely to affect the mentoring programme, and puts forward recommendations for strategies best suited to mentoring the next generation of women entrepreneurs and innovators fully capable of influencing and contributing to the regeneration process of economies and societies during and after a crisis in Europe.

NatAlli Mentoring Programme

The NatAlli Mentoring Programme delivers the content with a toolkit and modules, building the NatAlli mentoring programme to train mentors and highly educated Ukrainian women.

NatAlli Platform

The NatAlli Platform is the central location for all the resources, tools and supports that will be freely available to everyone for the development of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills; it will form a virtual ecosystem that will facilitate the rebuilding and reshaping of a post-crisis environment.

NatAlli Bootcamp

The “NatAlli Bootcamp” is an international training activity to deliver the project learning resources to mentors through a train-the-trainer approach and a Capacity Building programme. It will also fully test the programme and bring it to life.

NatAlli Sustainability Blueprint and Promotion

The NatAlli Sustainability Blueprint and Promotion highlights points of adaptation and standardisation of such approaches that can be used in times of crisis caused by pandemics or economic crises where HEIs can play an important role. NatAlli will be shared and promoted for the duration of the project and beyond.

Creating Impact

NatAlli is nurturing the next wave of women entrepreneurs and innovators. Our mentoring program is designed to unlock the potential of highly educated Ukrainian women, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to make a significant impact on their economies and societies, especially in times of crisis. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to foster resilience, creativity, and leadership that will drive the regeneration process during and beyond the challenges presented by situations like the Ukrainian crisis.

Central to our mission is the development of an innovative digital ecosystem. This platform serves as a dynamic space for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ukraine and the European Union to collaborate, share insights, and expand their reach. By facilitating this exchange, we aim to broaden the horizon for learners, enabling access to a wealth of knowledge and opportunities.